About Me

Who I am

For over 20 years, I have been involoved in the development of software for the web using various technologies. I am currently the Engineering Manager/Technology Lead of a UK-based Accountancy-based cloud platform, The Accountancy Cloud.

Over the years, I have acquired various skills and competencies that has placed me in different roles as Web developer, Lead Developer, DevOps as well as serving on the board of a company as CTO. I have always seen myself more as a solutions provider rather than as a software engineer because I focus on solutions and processes. In many cases, developing an application is usually the solution needed but in other cases, what is needed is more of process improvement.

Most of my Web development career has been PHP-based and I have been using PHP since it was in version 4. I have also worked with several PHP Frameworks including Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel as well as Microframeworks like Silex, Slim and Lumen.

Apart from working with PHP, I try to learn or re-visit one language/framework every year and this has enabled me to acquire knowledge of languages like Java, Go, Dart, Flutter, Python and JavaScript. In 2019, I decided to pick up some mobile development knowledge leading to the development of a Shopping App to be released early 2020.

On the DevOps side, I have acquired experience over the years with building and provisioning servers both on-premises and in the cloud. Most of my cloud working experience has been with Amazon Web Services although I ocassionally have some knowledge of Google Compute and Microsoft's Azure.


I believe in giving back to the community. This is why I became one of the earliest members of the Laravel UK community. From the onset we determined that we wanted it to be a friendly, warm and helpful forum for Laravel develoopers in the UK. The aim was to have about 30 members but the community has grown to over 600 including develoopers from other countries who were given a warm welcome. I am also an active attendee at the VueJs London meetup have attended all the VueLondon conferences since inception.

I am a Christian and one of the ways I give my time to the Christian community is by serving as a Team Lead for the YouVersion Bible App , which is currently the most-widely read Bible application installed on over 300 million devices all over the world.

When I Am Not Working

When I am not working, I spend time with my family. I read a lot of fiction, it helps me take my mind off work and relaxes me. I love music and serve in my local church as a Worship leader and Bible Teacher. I also write a Bible-based inspirational Blog at Biblepraise.org as well as a bi-weekly newsletter.